ICT Solutions for Cultural Heritage

Virtual Reality


To show what has gone already for a long time. To show what never was completed, or to show what is still intended. A virtual computer model is the ideal solution for all these aspects of Cultural Heritage. A 3d-model also has the advantage of being suitable for scientific analysis. It can be shown from all sides and with parts in different layers and textures. This means several presentations of the same object within one production process.









Digital Elevation Models


Height measurements or contour lines give a nice representation in 3d. But a nice image is not always the correct image. BEEX has the experience to check your data in detail for the quality of the information and the appropriate algorithm for processing.



Creating new maps has become increasingly important. It is a logical result of the combination of different graphical information present in modern times.

The problem is always to combine all this information, as it is often only available in different scales and projections. This is very difficult or very expensive, for someone lacking the proper software, or the just missing some basic fomulae.. We do have this knowledge and software, so it is very easy for us to do.



Technical Images


During the creation of a 3d model, the possibility of extracting technical models is often a piece of cake.

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